IRVINE, Calif. — Atomic Ranch has just celebrated the one-year anniversary of its website relaunch at Featuring original content updated daily, the site has continued to succeed in providing a robust platform for the Midcentury Modern design community.

“The growth of Atomic Ranch as a digital brand remains top-of-mind as we enter into the second year of the redesigned,” said Brand Leader Sarah Jane Stone. “In that spirit, we will continue to offer new and exciting ways for our enthusiasts to come together to talk about, read about and celebrate the design era we know and love so much.”

Atomic Ranch has launched several new digital initiatives, including the June editorial rollout of coverage related to Disney / Pixar’s “Incredibles 2”. The rollout centers on stories about the process behind creating the movie’s distinct Midcentury Modern set style and features interviews with the movie’s creators. The content collection also features a video about the opening of Disneyland’s revamped theme park, Pixar Pier, and the opening of the park’s Incredibles-themed “Incredicoaster.”

“Because The Incredibles is set in the early 1960s and so closely mirrors the design style our brand represents, we and Pixar view this coverage as a mutually perfect fit,” said Stone.

The Atomic Ranch audience has responded with engagement numbers increasing by the hundreds of thousands, reinforcing the demand for more daily high-quality programming. To that end, the Atomic Ranch team has launched a Content Contributor program aimed at sourcing daily photos, stories, videos and commentary from the Atomic Ranch audience. The program will utilize Atomic Ranch’s robust Instagram and Facebook channels, as well as the Atomic Ranch e-newsletter, The Mod List, for cross-platform promotion and web traffic generation.

“The goal is to keep giving our readers what they love most: More content devoted to midcentury architecture, design, preservation and renovation,” said Stone. “We want Atomic Ranch to continue to inspire our readers with something new every single day through their Insta feeds, in their inboxes and on our site. The Pixar rollout is a perfect example of how the enduring midcentury story can be retold in creative and relevant ways. We know (and, more importantly, our readers know): This style and era are here to stay.”

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