DURHAM, N.C. — iNterconnect Marketing Solutions, a subsidiary of ShopperLocal, now offers clients a targeted digital advertising solution. Unlike previous online marketing methods, iMS uses a patented system to convert physical locations into IP addresses, allowing businesses to serve online ads with pinpoint geographic and demographic precision.

Brian Dickson, a digital marketing expert with iMS, said that this system is completely changing online advertising — for the better.

“In the past, it has been difficult to target the demographics that businesses wanted to, but with this technology, you can use data in an actionable way and reach the right customer more efficiently,” he says.

The company prides itself on maintaining accurate, scrubbed data lists for all areas across the United States, which according to Dickson, has opened up several exciting new possibilities in digital marketing.

“It’s similar to direct mail advertising in that you are reaching someone at their home address,” Dickson said. “But the difference is that we can reach them on a digital platform: We can reach them as many times in theory as we want, and we can reach them instantaneously.”

iNterconnect Marketing Solutions has several innovative features to help clients maximize their online marketing’s effectiveness. For example, a “match-back” analytical system allows advertisers to quantify ROI by tracking new clients to the addresses where the digital ads were delivered. Additionally, new mover databases can help businesses reach new residents with custom digital ads as soon as they arrive in a new area.

To learn more about iNterconnect Marketing Solutions or to schedule your consultation, email Brian Dickson at brian@interconnectms.com or visit their website www.interconnectms.com.

More about ShopperLocal

ShopperLocal provides a variety of local advertising products, including supermarket advertising, and is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.

Other divisions of ShopperLocal include: Register Tape Network, a leading provider of register tape advertising, Adcart, a shopping cart advertising distributor, and Near Direct, a provider of direct mail advertising to new movers.