Six Sails Group

 Six Sails is an information and media group dedicated to building great solutions for our audiences and advertisers. 

– Six Sails Philosophy –

We acquire companies with solid product and market opportunities, empower them with great leaders, and support them as they build their business for the present and future. This process is the key to our success.

Acquire great businesses.

During our M&A process, we work to understand the needs of the business and the goals of the leadership team to ensure the acquisition is a good fit for all involved. We look for stable management, recurring revenue, and growth opportunities.

Leadership is where all companies succeed or fail.

Our belief is that companies are only as successful as their leadership. To this end, we believe in investing in our leaders, and through them we help grow their business. To do this, we partner with world-class coaches, mentors, and advisors. We ask the hard questions. We challenge our team, and we consider the challenges facing their business.

We add value.

We look for companies where we can add value to the business. We encourage existing management teams to stay on board to incorporate their unique strengths with our areas of excellence to build a stronger, more profitable future.

We invest for the long term.

We are a buy and hold company; we do not flip our businesses. When we acquire a company, we plan for the next 20 years and challenge our leaders to do the same.

– Portfolio –


Engaged Media Inc. has produced vibrant editorial content in key enthusiast markets for more than 50 years. Popular magazine titles include Gun World, Romantic Homes, American Survival Guide, and Diesel World.

ShopperLocal develops hyperlocal methods of advertising in grocery stores and national retailers across the United States. Current divisions include Register Tape Network (RTN), Adcart, Clean Display, and

BCC Research is a leading market research company covering changes driven by science and technology. For more than 40 years, BCC Research has provided businesses with information, knowledge, and the insight to make intelligent and strategic decisions.

In the Rooms has connected the global recovery community for over 10 years with a social network for people already in recovery, those seeking immediate help from any addiction, and for the families, friends, and allies of those people.

Prolimiate Solutions LLC. specializes in providing marketing services to doctors and facilities offering Medically Assisted Treatment for addiction recovery.

– The Six Sails –


We partner with stellar people and give them the tools, support, and resources to excel.


We make every individual responsible for a clear set of outcomes, allowing us to reward excellence.


We are flexible with our companies and people because we measure accountability so closely.


We insist on profitability from every product line—our centers of excellence allow us to turn solid products into proven winners.


We believe in the brutal truth, sharing financial information with our employees so they can make informed decisions.


We let high-performing employees at every level excel and do whatever is necessary to encourage their career growth.

– Team –

Our diverse team of leaders exhibits our core values every day, in every project, interaction, and collaboration.

Scott Hall

Acquisitions and Operations

Scott works to support each CEO with financial resources, tools, and coaching to deliver the best results for the leader and business. In addition, Scott works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to determine if the Six Sails Group is the right investment partner for them and their company.

Ann Jacoby

CEO at BCC Research

Throughout her tenure with BCC Research, Ann has held multiple roles within the organization, including sales, marketing and management. She works to assure all facets of the company have input and maintain constant communication to best serve the growing BCC Research membership community. Ann holds a BA in Business from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctor from the University of San Francisco.

Prashant Upadhyaya

Managing Director at ShopperLocal

William Ammerman

Executive VP of Digital Media at Engaged Media Inc.

William is the EVP of digital media for Engaged Media Inc. with responsibilities over websites, newsletters and apps for a dozen brands. Previously he held executive roles at Tribune Media, Hearst Television, and Capitol Broadcasting. He has a master’s from the UNC School of Media and Journalism and recently authored a book about marketing in the age of artificial intelligence.

Miranda Satterly

Product Manager at Prolimiate Solutions LLC.

Miranda utilizes her skillsets in user experience and design to enhance websites and social networks in the addiction recovery space. She works cross-functionally with development teams and decision-makers to build useful tools that meet customer needs and fulfill business objectives. Miranda earned her master’s degree in Marketing Psychology from Regent’s University London.

 – Contact Us –

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